I am running a nodejs app in a docker (v 20.10.2) container on a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (this is for dev purpose only)

My docker-compose config

    container_name: forge_test
    restart: always
    image: "node:lts"
      - ../src:/home/node/app
    command: "node test.js"
    user: "node"
    working_dir: /home/node/app
      - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

In the docker, I can ping host.docker.internal (which does not work without extra_hosts), however I can not reach any services that I have running on any port (the port I am actually trying to reach is 7545 but none work) on the host.

Searching for a few hours now, no solutions I have found (adding docker0 to iptable, adding docker.host.internal to /etc/hosts) work.

Am I missing something? Could there be a firewall blocking access somewhere (II have ufw installed but tbh I don't really know how to use it)?

I can't find any similar issue where host.docker.internal can be pinged but the posrts not accessed

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It happens that the problem comes from ufw not allowing connections from docker containers on host ports. Deactivating it helped for now, since it's only for dev purpose.

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