Having permissions per object (owner, editor, reader, etc.) is a pattern that repeats itself in many products (examples: Facebook groups/pages, Whatsapp groups, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.).

There are many 3rd party tools that handle the login process, like Auth0, AWS Cognito, Firebase Auth, etc., but none of them offer to handle permissions.

I heard about Firebase Realtime Database Rules, but it's too specific to Firebase, and will lock me there, while I'm looking for a more generic solution.

I think I'll be happy with a generic product that will hold the object IDs and the users' permissions to it in a DB, and will act as a middleware that will decide, per-request, whether or not the user has access and what kind - and then pass it along to the request handler. This will help me not to develop it myself for each project of mine.

Does anyone know products of that sort? Does anyone have another solution for me?

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