I'm trying to list the jenkins jobs per plugin is being utilized. I see there's a plugin in jenkins, https://github.com/jenkinsci/plugin-usage-plugin, which displays the plugins usage in the Jenkins UI. But how do i get the same output from the groovy script?

  • i've a jenkins master and i'm trying list the jobs or builds that are being utilized by a particular plugin. Ex: how many jobs are configured/used by maven plugin – Sachin Jan 26 at 21:31
  • i was trying to test these scripts, support.cloudbees.com/hc/en-us/articles/216351528. In a similar way i want to list all the jobs configured with a particular plugin. – Sachin Jan 26 at 21:31

They quick and dirty answer is to "Display jobs group by the build steps they use" as updated below.

import hudson.model.*
import hudson.tasks.*

//All the projects on which we can apply the getBuilders method
def allProjects = Jenkins.instance.allItems.findAll{ it instanceof Project }

//All the registered build steps in the current Jenkins Instance
def allSteps = Builder.all()

//Group the projects by the build steps used
def projectsGroupBySteps = allSteps.inject([:]){
   map, step ->
   map[step.clazz.name] = allProjects.findAll{it.builders.any{ 

    println "--- ($it.value.size) $it.key ---"
println ''

println 'Occcurences:'
println "--- ($it.value.size) $it.key ---"
    it.value.each {
        println it }
    println ''

Note that a job has multiple sections: builders, publishers and buildWrappers. Depending on what you are looking for, replace

[allSteps = Builder.all(), allProjects.findAll{it.builders.any ]
[allSteps = Publisher.all(), allProjects.findAll{it.publishers.any ]
[allSteps = BuildWrapper.all(), allProjects.findAll{it.buildWrappers.any ]

Plugins may also be involved in the SCM section and as properties (eg: hudson.plugins.buildblocker.BuildBlockerProperty, com.sonyericsson.jenkins.plugins.bfa.model.ScannerJobProperty)

Obviously, same limitations of plugin-usage apply: does not scan pipeline steps plugin usage or build steps nested within an org.jenkinsci.plugins.conditionalbuildstep

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