I just need advise to see if I understand Kubernete's objects correctly in my context.

I have the following ECS-based infrastructure.

  • An api.mycompany.com Route53 recored points to the ALB
  • ALB myCompanyAlb-amazonaws-alb.com with a port 443 listener, with a bunch of listener rules
  • The rules go "If path is /some_path/microserviceName/*, forward to microserviceName-target-group"
  • the microserviceName-target-group has the EC2 targets created by ECS that run Docker containers running microserviceName

IOW if I want to message a microserviceName, I send a request to https://api.mycompany.com/some_path/microserviceName, so the api.mycompany.com route will forward the request to myCompanyAlb-amazonaws-alb.com, then forwards it to microserviceName-target-group that has targets with the microserviceName container running. Make sense?

So If I want to convert this to a Service-base EKS infra, does the Service replace the function of the ALB, the Deployment the function of a target group, and the pods as a replacement of the targets?

If so how does the Route53 record point to the service? and how does the service know which deployment to send the message to? IOW how will my traffic flow for https://api.mycompany.com/some_path/microserviceName go?

If I'm totally off-based, how to Services, Deployments and Pods fit into my infra?

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