I have created an Azure account and an Azure DevOps account with my university email. I will be working on this project with another person who has a personal Azure DevOps account, which he registered for with gmail.

I can and have added him to the team and have added him as an admin. Now I want him to clone the repository (so he can start committing code, I don't just want him to clone it), but he can only view the repository when he is not logged in from his personal account (the one he is an admin with) (I have made the project public). When he is logged in with his personal account, it says he has a personal account and not a work or school one and so cannot access the page.

Is there a way to make him a work or school account from Azure DevOps? He is not in my university, so he doesn't have a university email like me (he doesn't have any work or school emails at all, if that matters). Thanks!

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