I was wondering how I could dynamically create and then mount new volumes from inside a pod ? At runtime !

I have to download a lot of files with very different sizes and would like the storage to adapt to my needs...

Use case example :
There is a decompression step. But I don't know how much will be decompressed before its completed.
If I could allocate some more memory at runtime It would not end with a DiskFull error...

I can mount an initial volume at pod startup, then either I find a way to update this volume size or at least mount a new one in the same pod !

Any ideas are welcome

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In my opinion, you could create bucket (aws s3 for example) and store your data there (create simple app to make upload), thus, you don’t need to care with disk full error

  • Thx for you answer. The problem with this solution is that I must work on the files before uploading them elsewhere. For instance some of them must be uncompressed. I only use S3 for the final upload when the file is ready but still need some local storage capacity while working on the files.
    – Doctor
    Feb 26, 2021 at 8:48

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