I have a jenkins job A and i have 5 tests (each triggering job A with updation of different jenkinsfile script path as Before Each test) executing in parallel

  • Test1 with pipeline-jenkinfile-1
  • Test2 with pipeline-jenkinfile-2
  • Test3 with pipeline-jenkinfile-3
  • Test4 with pipeline-jenkinfile-4
  • Test5 with pipeline-jenkinfile-5

When I start the tests in parallel, I can see 5 instance of same job getting triggered but each test is updated with incorrect jenkinsfile.

  • Test1 with pipeline-jenkinfile-4
  • Test2 with pipeline-jenkinfile-3
  • Test3 with pipeline-jenkinfile-1
  • Test4 with pipeline-jenkinfile-5
  • Test5 with pipeline-jenkinfile-2

Running on same node - NODE A

Test 1 Before step: Updating the jenkins job pipeline jenkinsFile script path using API

curl -X POST http://developer:developer@localhost:8080/job/test/config.xml --data-binary "@mymodifiedlocalconfig.xml"

And i trigger the job with buildwithParameters using rest api

curl -X POST http://USER:API_TOKEN@localhost:8080/job/test/build --data-urlencode json='{"parameter": [{"name":"paramA", "value":"123"}]}'

How to fix this such a way in parallel execution test update with correct jenkinsfile?

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