I'm am deploying an application that can be split into a dashboard with some control systems and an API.

The system was developed to be an web interface for some scripts and bots used by a community of around 17k users, so consider that a half of that will at least see how the dashboard works and that each effective client (maybe 1/10 of that along the time) will request my API via external scripts around 10 requests per minute.

The back-end was made with Laravel (8.2) and front-end with vuejs(2), with inertiajs as handler, and normal MariaDB.

The system needs to be reworked for kubernetes or simple load balancer, so at least the first month need to be a single server.

What is the best setup for this scenario? Considering the rework, what is the best option aiming an good application growth? What do I call the process of prediction of what resources and how much of each needs to be used?

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