Lets say you have the following services:


But there are only changes to admin.

And your pipeline is like the following:

1. PR -> 
2. Build microservice -> 
3. Unit test microservice -> 
4. If passing, integration, BDD, and E2E tests with other services -> 
5. If passing, send image to container registry -> 
6. Merge PR to production -> 
7. Deploy image to production cluster

In this case, should it just be building, unit testing the admin service, and pulling the existing api image (there are no direct integrations with client and admin) given there was only a change to admin?

I ask because our pipeline currently rebuilds all microservices, runs their unit tests, then does the integration tests, and redeploys them even if there were no changes to them. It seems to me kind of wasteful and if they are really isolated microservices, a change in one shouldn't break another.

  • Are they compiled with fully static librairies and version pinned everywhere ? – Tensibai Mar 12 at 20:05

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