I am inspecting logs in Azure DevOps:

2021-03-11T00:49:23.5944120Z ==============================================================================
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5944831Z Task         : Download pipeline artifact
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5945699Z Description  : Download a named artifact from a pipeline to a local path
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5946222Z Version      : 1.2.5
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5946643Z Author       : Microsoft Corporation
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5947566Z Help         : Download a named artifact from a pipeline to a local path
2021-03-11T00:49:23.5947945Z ==============================================================================
2021-03-11T00:49:24.1641444Z Download from the specified build: #14437
2021-03-11T00:49:24.1644685Z Download artifact to: D:\a\r1\a/build/api-prod

What is very confusing is this path: D:\a\r1\a/build/api-prod

The task is running on Microsoft provided Windows agent (vs2017-win2016).

The task was not defined by me explicitly, this is an automatic task when creating a stage with steps in Release pipeline.

This doesn't seem to cause any particular issue, but I was wondering what causes this behavior, as I thought Windows uses backward slash in paths.

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