I am working with a number of Raspberry Pis to which some microcontroller-equipped hardware is connected. This hardware is being tested remotely and automated (using Jenkins with the Docker Pipeline plugin). For every test, a Docker container is started with the necessary software inside.

Lately, I am encountering frequent (> 50% of runs) error messages when starting the Docker container:

Failed to run image '<some image>'. Error:

Yes, I am not failing to include any part of the error message, that's all there is.

I have traced the source of the error message down to a line in the docker-workflow-plugin source, but it basically says that the java.hudson.Launcher or the process it controls fails to put an error message into stderr.

I cannot find any hints on the system (Raspi) side:

  • docker events shows the creation of the container, but does not note the start of the container,
  • system logs do not show anything out of the ordinary

The error occurs mostly on one specific Raspi, but is not reproducible.

Is this a known behavior for a specific error when starting a Docker container? Do you have any ideas where I could look for reasons the container start is failing?

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