I'm trying to create a .my.cnf file for my MySQL docker-container that would allow me to prefill the user and password for the MySQL client. To achieve this I created the following dockerfile:

FROM mysql:5.7
RUN touch ~/.my.cnf && echo -e "[client]\nuser=root\npassword=$(echo $MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD)" >> ~/.my.cnf

But when starting the container I always get the errors:

mysql5.7-database    | 2021-04-01 18:38:51+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Entrypoint script for MySQL Server 5.7.33-1debian10 started.
mysql5.7-database    | 2021-04-01 18:38:51+00:00 [ERROR] [Entrypoint]: mysqld failed while attempting to check config
mysql5.7-database    |  command was: mysqld --verbose --help --log-bin-index=/tmp/tmp.5imGsNRXXC
mysql5.7-database    |  mysqld: [ERROR] Found option without preceding group in config file /root/.my.cnf at line 1!
mysql5.7-database    | mysqld: [ERROR] Fatal error in defaults handling. Program aborted!
  • The environment variable $MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD is successfully set with the correct password.
  • I can login with the password in the $MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD

The result of echo -e "[client]\nuser=root\npassword=$(echo $MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD)" is:


When I create the .my.cnf file manually in the running docker container, it works like a charm. Any advise?


The default Dockerfile shell is sh. I don't think echo there has the -e modifier for backslash. Newline & other special symbols will work by default. In your command, resulting .my.cnf would contain a litteral -e.

Remove -e or use the original command in Dockerfile in a different shell, for instance:

RUN /bin/bash -c '<your-command>'

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