Hi I am having two jenkins pipeline pointing to same git repo one pipeline is named as mainpipeline and other is sit pipeline. Before sit pipeline our git PR build is checking the build status from mainpipeline. But after introducing sit pipeline which is pointing to same git repo as mainpipeline, our git build status is start checking from sit pipeline . How should i avoid checking the git build status from the sit pipeline and check only from mainpipeline.

I have suppress the build check status in sit pipeline but sometimes its working and sometimes not below is the screen shot of configuration enter image description here

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As far as I can tell from reading the source code, the build status notifications are basically hard-coded into the GitLab Branch Source plugin and cannot be disabled. Therefore, without writing your own plugin or something like that, the only way I can think of to disable the build status notifications would be to use a different method of checking out the repository that does not use the GitLab plugin, e.g. using the checkout step with a direct url.

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