I am new to DevOps and am currently designing a CI/CD pipeline that involves integrating GitHub webhooks with Jenkins in a Kubernetes environment, and I would like to see whether this is feasible or not.

Currently, I have a GitHub repository setup with some code. In Kubernetes, we have a volume setup where we plan to clone said repository into this volume. This repository will need to be up-to-date at all times, but we shouldn't manually update this repository every time a change is made. With Jenkins, we want to setup webhooks in GitHub so any time changes made in the code repository will be updated in the volume.

I am still new to the idea of webhooks and Jenkins will interact in a Kubernetes environment, specifically a volume, so any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I would use the webhooks GitHub provides if you don't need something specific from Jenkins (Jenkins is in many cases a consumer of GitHub events/webhooks).


Using this webhook you could inspect each payload for specific parameters (ref, repo, etc...) and do something (like pull) if those parameters are met. In either case, you will need a service that can process the webhook/payload and perform the work/automation.

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