$ ./gradlew -v
Gradle 4.7

I have the following build.gradle file for Project1

dependencies {
  implementation "com.company.common:common-dep:2.0.0"
  implementation "com.company.other:my-other-project:2.0.0"

I expect it to download common-dep:2.0.0 artifact.

Now, here’s the build.gradle for my-other-project:2.0.0

dependencies {
  implementation "com.company.common:common-dep:1.0.0"

As you can see, it’s dependent on common-dep:1.0.0, NOT common-dep:2.0.0

Now when I run dependency on the first project I get

./gradlew dependencies
+ com.company.common-dep:2.0.0 -> 1.0.0

That is, it uses the the lower version of the artifact, the one that it’s other dependency needs. I’m guessing this is the expected (and correct) behavior?

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