I have a service running in Docker that listens on a Unix Domain Socket, and a client running on the Docker host (a Mac). The client gets a "Connection Refused" error trying to connect.

I'm mapping the volume when I run the server (docker run -it -v /localpath:/var/run myservice) and I see the socket file created in the local dir just fine.

It works fine if I also run the client in Docker (different container instance), or if I run both locally. But if I run one side in Docker and the other locally it fails (I've tried both directions). I thought it might be a uid/gid mismatch but that looks ok, and if I force them to be different I get a permission denied error.

My app is using Java 16's UnixDomainSocketAddress, but I've also tested with a python script (using an AF_UNIX socket) and see the same problem, so it seems like a Docker thing. Any ideas?

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