I setup a GalaxyNG server (which is a Pulp Project plugin) to act as an Ansible Galaxy repository on an isolated network.

The server will periodically have internet access to sync with it's upstream repos, foremost of which will be galaxy.ansible.com.

Preferably I'd like to have GalaxyNG either

  1. contain a complete clone of galaxy.ansible.com and other Ansible Galaxy repo's and be able to resync those clones quarterly, or
  2. act as a remote pull through repo such that when a client reaches out to GalaxyNG asking for a package it doesn't contain it will download that package from the remote repo, cache it, and provide it to the client assuming the GalaxyNG server has internet access at that time.

Currently GalaxyNG appears to require I to provide a requirements.yml file listing all of the collections I'd like to sync from a remote repository. I'm unsure of a way to generate/acquire a requirements.yml file sufficiently large/general to cover most scripts I might write without knowing what sort of scripts I may need in the future. If this is possible, it's a potential solution for me as well.

I'm also open to other solutions that don't involve GalaxyNG. RedHat Ansible Automation Platform is a possibility though if avoidable I'd rather not setup another product/server. However, it appears to suffer from the same restriction I'm seeing with GalaxyNG.

Artifactory would be the ideal product as I already have a mature instance setup and it generally supports the kind of remote pull-through functionality I'm looking for, however, it doesn't support Ansible Galaxy repos at the time of this writing.

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

  • It may be useful to create and attach a "galaxyng" or "pulp" tag, however, I have insufficient reputation to do so. – TerekC Apr 13 at 14:39

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