The doc https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/3.9/dev_guide/cron_jobs.html provides details of creating a cron job.

To start a scheduled task that executes a build every 10 mins I use the command:

oc run run-build 161/my-app --image=myimage --restart=OnFailure --schedule='*/10 * * * *' 

Which returns:

cronjob.batch/run-build created

But the job fails to start:

The log of pod displays:

Error: unknown command "161/my-app" for "openshift-deploy"
Run 'openshift-deploy --help' for usage.

Have I configured the command ( oc run run-build 161/my-app --image=myimage --restart=OnFailure --schedule='*/10 * * * *' ) to start the cron job incorrectly ?

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    What is the command that your job needs to run? Apr 19, 2021 at 15:09

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According the documentation you're giving, you need to remove run-build from the command :

$ oc run NAME --image=<image> \
    [--generator=<resource>] \
    [--port=<port>] \
    [--replicas=<replicas>] \
    [--dry-run=<bool>] \
    [--overrides=<inline_json>] \

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