I am a beginner in DevOps. I created a continuous integration cycle using jenkins(docker image) and bitbucket. I used a simple spring boot hello-world project and after CI i got an executable Jar. I created a dockerfile and docker-compose for the deployment process. I tried this on my local server and it worked successfully(hello world successfully displayed on browser). Now i want to begin the continuous deployment process on remote server how can i do that ?

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Your next step will be to identify a solution for container orchestration. For a quick dev test solution, you could host your own docker registry, push your built image to the registry, and add a deployment step that stops the existing container and spins up a new one from your registry.

However, in a production setting there are many other aspects to consider such as downtime, versioning, security, etc. There are several products and tools that are designed to handle containers such as AWS Elastic Container Solution (ECS), Kubernetes.

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    thanks a lot ! Kubernetes sounds interesting i came across it when i was following docker tutorials Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 8:39

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