According to this documentation, ChoasMonkey seems to be restricted to AWS:

Get Auto Scaling Tools

You can use the new AWS CLI tools:

$ sudo pip install awscli

Is it possible to use ChaosMonkey on other platforms as well?

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Quoting the standalone ChaosMonkey README:


This version of Chaos Monkey is fully integrated with Spinnaker, the continuous delivery platform that we use at Netflix. You must be managing your apps with Spinnaker to use Chaos Monkey to terminate instances.

Chaos Monkey should work with any backend that Spinnaker supports (AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry). It has been tested with AWS, GCE, and Kubernetes.

As said there, you'll find supported Spinnaker platforms on https://www.spinnaker.io

Your quote comes from the quickstart documentation of Symian Army, as for any quickstart it is opinionated to keep things as simple as possible, if you don't match the quickstart environment, you will have to dig deeper in the documentations to adapt to your needs.


The Chaos Monkey tool, released by Netflix might be restricted to AWS at this time. But the approach is definitely not restricted and can be implemented anywhere where there are distributed systems comprised of a multitude of redundant parts, hopefully with automated healing ability.

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