Our source code is in our servers and we don't have approval to put it in cloud.

We don't have a seamless CI/CD. Can we use Azure pipeline agents or any local agents to build our code and only export the build artifacts to cloud and continue with CD?

We are deploying our applications in Azure but not the source code.

Please suggest a good CI/CD for us.

  • Hi @user2566272, in order to help your question more easily be answered, I recommend you edit the title so it is easier for others to search for and quickly analyze if it is a question they have knowledge of. Something such as "Can I use local agents with GitHub Actions?" or "Cloning a local repository with a GitHub Actions runner". In addition, I would also recommend you would narrow down your question to a more specific use case. Narrowing it down to a specific technology or a particular use case helps with that. If you need, feel free to break it up into multiple questions :) – Preston Martin May 19 at 15:20

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