Recently, we changed uninstalled our cert manager and reinstalled it into a new namespace.

There were no issues with the uninstall / reinstall of the cert manager. When we tried to create a new certificate issuer, the cert manager is unable to handle the request as it has a reference to the previous web hook service.

kubectl apply -f c:\temp\clusterissuereus.yaml -n cert-manager

Error from server (InternalError): error when creating "c:\temp\clusterissuereus.yaml": Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "webhook.cert-manager.io": Post https://cert-manager-1617928457-webhook.cert-manager.svc:443/mutate?timeout=10s: service "cert-manager-1617928457-webhook" not found cert-manager-1617928457-webhook is the previous webhook pod / service.

This is similar issue as described on the Cert Manager Github site.

We did try to install cert manager via helm with the --set installCRDs=true param but it did not work.

Any suggestions on removing the previous webhook reference ?

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