I deploy Bitanmi Kafka Helm chart on AWS provisioned with Terraform. I find the documentation storage and persistence allocation, very confusing. From what I understood from the documentation; logs are chunks of messages in a topic, when configurable quotas of bytes, messages or time, are exceeded, the logs get flushed to files in storage.

The Helm chart stateful set has these volumes:

            - name: data
              mountPath: {{ .Values.persistence.mountPath }}
            - name: logs
              mountPath: {{ .Values.logPersistence.mountPath }}

logPersistence is enabled in helm chart by me to retain logs, in an attached volume provisioned by the Helm chart unless I provide an alternative (which I don't).

What happens if logPersistence is exhausted? Can I configure a fail safe i.e. configure Kafka to retain everything and delete old log files if quota is exceeded? How do I retrieve logs that are persisted? Can a consumer ask for topic messages from an early offset and cause latency or failure? If so, what are some strategies to recover?

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