I am trying to set up a resilient way to deploy our monolithic web app on an AWS EC2. My current setup uses Ansible to "manually" install the components for a LAMP server on the latest Amazon-Managed Ubuntu AMI.

I recently discovered AWS EC2 Image Builder, which seems like it could be used to create an AMI with Apache, MySQL (client), and PHP.

In my AWS Console, I went through these steps:

  1. EC2 Image Builder >
  2. Image pipelines >
  3. Create image pipeline >
  4. Create Recipe >
  5. Image Type: AMI >
  6. Source Image: [Amazon Linux | Ubuntu | CentOS | Redhat | Suse ] (I tried each one)

After the above 6 steps, when trying to add an (Amazon Managed) Component, I see PHP 7.1 ~ 7.3.. can be added. But I do NOT see what I would think are other basic components: Apache, Ngnix, MySQL..

How do I add Apache2 + MySQL (client) + PHP to an Amazon managed Ubuntu box via EC2 Image Builder?

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You need to create build components and define a custom installation process.

Click the 'Create Build Component' button in the 'Components' section of the 'Recipe' page. Scroll down to 'Definition' and select 'Use example' to see how it works.

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