I am trying to run a Docker container as a router between a private (--internal) Docker network and the predefined host network. This means the container needs to have two network interfaces: One "outside" interface, that can access all host IP addresses, and one "inside" interface, that acts as a gateway for the containers in the internal Docker network

The router container itself will then NAT network traffic from/to containers.

I have not found a way to configure Docker to run the container with those two interfaces. The closest I could get is having two bridge interfaces assigned, which is not exactly what I need.

Trying to connect manually results in an error:

# docker network connect host root_router_1
Error response from daemon: Container cannot be disconnected from host network or connected to host network

Can anybody show me how to achieve this, preferably even whith Docker Compose?

  • did you find answer to this situation ? We are having similar problem statement and error. – Pun Mum Apr 7 '18 at 5:50
  • @PunMum Unfortunately not. We ended up connecting all containers directly to the host network and configuring the IPs inside the containers. – Hexaholic Apr 9 '18 at 7:37

According to this Q&A on github:

The host network is special. You have to use network_mode: host on the service

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