I have implemented Liveness Probe in C# based Kubernetes Application. When I am removing InitialDelaySeconds in my livenessconfig (at code level using Kubernetes Client's V1Probe):

IList<string> command = new List<string>();
V1Probe livenessconfig = null;
command.Add("- f");
V1ExecAction execommand = new V1ExecAction(command);
livenessconfig = new V1Probe { Exec = execommand, PeriodSeconds = 10};

then I am seeing Liveness Probe failing in Pod description(no reason is mentioned though):

  Normal   Created    26s               kubelet            Created container App-prox
  Normal   Started    26s               kubelet            Started container App-prox
  Warning  Unhealthy  6s (x2 over 16s)  kubelet            Liveness probe failed:
  Normal   Killing    6s                kubelet            Stopping container App-prox

I don't want to give any initialdelay to my probe and want my probe to start executing command as soon as container is up.

  1. How should I manage this?
  2. isn't this the job of probe to execute the command only when container is up ? then why should I delay more with "initialDelaySeconds" ?
  3. is "initialDelaySeconds" mandatory argument or optional ? if its mandatory then no need for discussion , I have to add it in probe then.

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