Given the following situation:

  • in a POM file in the repo root (Atlassian BitBucket) I can define that this POM has e.g. the version 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
  • then I can tag the codebase whatever I want like v.0.1.

This would be then inconsistent versioning. Is there a better/established way than some custom scripting to control sync of this?

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then I can tag the codebase whatever I want like v.0.1

One could use semantic versioning, i.e. X.Y.Z. instead of v.0.1


I would recommend to use the maven-release-plugin wich will take care of the sync and keep the version and tag equal. As you can read here

The developerConnection contains the URL of the Source Control Management system pointing to the folder containing this pom.xml This URL is prefixed with scm:[scm-provider] so the plugin can pick the right implementation for committing and tagging. The Maven SCM-page contains an overview all the supported SCMs, per SCM you can see how the URL should look like.

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