I am building terrform.tfstate files from Terraform managed Fortigate devices. After producing output JSON files using Terraform output and a custom script to produce tf.address.tf.json, I wish to import the objects using the attribute name as outputted if possible.

With a tf.address.tf.json file structured like this

    "resource": {
        "fortios_firewall_address": {
            "": {

I perform the following

$ terraform import fortios_firewall_address.11_0_0_0/8 ""

which produces the error

Error: Attribute name required
│   on <import-address> line 1:
│    1: fortios_firewall_address.11_0_0_0/8
│ Dot must be followed by attribute name.

I suppose I need to alter the attribute name to something like "ADDRESS-11_0_0_0M8" but want to ask if there is another way to use the name as "fortios_firewall_address.11_0_0_0/8" in terrform import.

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The problem you've encountered here is not specific to terraform import but rather a general Terraform language rule: the name of a resource must be a valid identifier, and valid identifiers can start only with letters and underscores, not with digits.

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