I have installed MySQL and apache using brew on my local machine and have been using them for several php project environments. Now i want to start learning docker to containerize a new Laravel environment (example) . Before i start using docker on my local machine, should i stop the httpd and mysql service ? will the 'php' and 'mysql' command have a conflict ?


The only issue you might have running the same services in containers as locally on your machine is a port conflict. Let's take httpd as an example:

  • You try and start the container and you get listen tcp bind: address already in use. This is because a HTTP server is already running on your machine.
  • Tell docker to bring the container up using a different local port: docker run -p 80:8080 <your container, commands etc>. This will tell Docker to bind port 80 in the container to port 8080 on your machine.
  • You can now access both http://localhost:80 (your machine) and http://localhost:8080 (the container).
  • will there be a conflct with mysql and php command in terminal ?
    – Padawan
    Jul 22 at 3:40

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