All my docker related folders are saved in /var/lib/docker. But my / space is very limited. Hence, I would like all of the content present inside this location to go to say /home/User/my_space. How would I do that? I could use symbolic link. But, that will only move the current contents of the location. I would like to move the future changes of the docker also. Please help me :)

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Symlink is an universal solution which works, I've successfully used it plenty of times. I do not recommend using the path you suggested, though, since the files should be owned by either the root or docker users, depending on your distro/OS. Therefore, if you want to use the /home partition, then:

  • shut down docker
  • mv /var/lib/docker /home/
  • ln -s /home/docker /var/lib/docker
  • start docker

This will usually persist through upgrades unless you uninstall and reinstall Docker.

Now, more recent versions of Docker support an option in /etc/docker/daemon.json, namely the data-root option. So just edit the file and add

  "data-root": "/home/docker"

You can find the whole schema for the file in the docs.

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