Kubernetes 1.20 moved from docker to CRI-O as container runtime. I have a scenario where my Jenkins run on kubernetes and does docker build my dockerfile .But the build breaks as docker daemon is not available now. I tried using Kaniko to build image but the downfall was once image is built i have no chance to scan the image before pushing to container registry. Once the image is built i have to push it immediately. How can i scan it before pushing to registry.

Current process:

  1. Jenkins runs on Kubernetes.
  2. Pulls code and does the docker build and tag it.
  3. Once docker build is successful will a scan the image for vulnerabilities.
  4. Once scan passes we push to the container registry.

With Kaniko i can do till step 2 later image goes away I am not able to find the image locally but i can push directly. And pull it and do scan. Any suggestions or alternatives so i can use my old dockerfiles build,scan and push without major changes

  • What was your solution to this? I'm in the same situation now
    – hhaslam11
    Nov 18, 2021 at 22:23

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You can take a look at podman, is like run docker but without the need of a daemon.

You can also check buildah

  • Thanks for the answer, I tried podman but only con was it doesn't support cache. That makes build slower.
    – Rocky Hai
    Aug 10, 2021 at 2:35

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