I have a pipeline that ends with a step which call build() to run another pipeline, not waiting for its end. Even when the downstream pipeline is finished, there is no downstream/upstream indication on each job page or build page. Is there some trick to retrieve such a relationshi ? Also, could it be possible to use the Downstream Build View plugin ?

Thanks for your help. Best Regards J.L.P.

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The upstream/downstream relationship is for Freestyle jobs only and does not work for Pipeline. This is because the internal (Java) Freestyle job API that the upstream/downstream feature uses to discover job relationships does not exist for Pipeline jobs. This also means that any 3rd-party upstream/downstream-related plugins such as the Downstream Build View plugin will not work for Pipeline jobs.

Since I also wanted to visualize upstream/downstream relationships for my Pipeline jobs, I ended up writing a primitive plugin to do so (it's a very bare-bones plugin written for my particular use case and I provide no support whatsoever; I'm just including this as an example of one way to visualize upstream/downstream relationships for Pipeline jobs).


Yet Another Build Visualizer shows up- und downstream builds for pipeline jobs, too.

A Jenkins plugin that allows visualization of the build flow of upstream and downstream builds in Jenkins.

  • this doenst seem to work for pipeline i my case
    – mike01010
    Commented May 19, 2023 at 17:29

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