I have a Highly Available, 3 nods, Microk8s cluster with MetalLB and Ingress.

The cluster is supposed to serve a website with high availability.

I want to enable ExternalDNS for the website with the domain currently on Cloudflare (but I’m open to other free/commercial alternatives).

I have looked at the examples on the ExternalDNS repository but I can’t find any instructions for a similar setup.

Can anyone point me to a starting point, please?

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cloudflare DNS can be managed by external DNS setup, did you tried this, I have worked with this with DNS on digital ocean


  • Did you use it with Microk8s? I ask because I keep reading that ExtranalDNS relies on an etcd cluster which is not available in the default setup of Microk8s.
    – Rojan Gh.
    Aug 17, 2021 at 9:46

Run an application and expose it via a Kubernetes Service:

Example for nginx: example.org as a external DNS

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