I have configured jenkins with github.com. Jenkins notices if commit occurs and then jenkins make the docker image and upload the new image to docker hub. How can I make k8s listens to docker hub i.e. k8s notices the change in docker hub and then creates a new deployment. What tool should be used?

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You can't on the fly, but you can build a system around Docker hub if you setup a webhooks. I have build a free software for Docker Swarm auto-deployment https://github.com/pnk-sh/docker-octopus-stack

If you use software there "pull" every min. then you get in troubles with Docker Hub when you hit 5000 pull's a day.

Its required you buy a pro-account, free account will only allow you around 250 pulls a day.


You could try to run Jenkins agents in the k8s cluster. Then you could write a script that is capable of update the tag of a deployment. We use gitlab in k8s and in conjunction with helm it is possible to update and deploy the image.

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