What do skipped, rescued, and ignored results mean in an Ansible playbook execution? What would be a possible scenario where these results would be different from 0?

PLAY RECAP *******************************************************************
localhost: ok=3 changed=1 unreachable=0 failed=0 skipped=0 rescued=0 ignored=0
  • could you please provide a text version of the screenshot, making it easier to read and more accessible? thanks! Aug 18 at 9:11
  • I did it. Thank you for having pointed to that. Aug 18 at 9:20

For example, the play below

- hosts: localhost

    - name: Task will be SKIPPED
        msg: You will never see this message.
      when: false

    - name: Failed command will be IGNORED
      command: /usr/bin/false
      ignore_errors: true

    - name: Failed command will be RESCUED
        - command: /usr/bin/false
        - debug:
            msg: "{{ ansible_failed_result }}"


PLAY RECAP *******************************************************************
localhost: ok=2 changed=1 unreachable=0 failed=0 skipped=1 rescued=1 ignored=1

For details see

Briefly, an error is ignored when you set ignore_errors: true. This can be set on multiple levels. See Playbook Keywords. If you use block/rescue you can actively handle the consequences of the error.


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