I have a Docker container to run some data processing (running RStudio). At one point it would need to run an external tool (ExtTool) which needs completely different architecture: it's a Windows-only CLI tool, but I managed to pack it into a Docker with Wine and it works. I am currently running the Docker one-shot but could also leave it running and call into it.

Are there any simple ways to call ExtTool from the main Docker that don't involve building a full-fledged web service?

  • I could run the ExtTool docker with an open SSH port, scp the input files in, ssh -c ExtTool and scp the result file out.
  • I could mount a shared folder and use that to exchange the files, and monitor the incoming file system to trigger ExtTool
  • Something using docker.sock, curl and starting the ExtTool docker (or docker execing) from inside the RStudio docker?

I feel like this must be a common task and I'm not searching with the right keywords.

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