My web application in Azure has two deployment slots - staging and production.

The purpose is perform blue/green deployment and the following steps perform the blue/green:

  • start and deploy to slot stage
  • set 100% traffic to stage
  • swap with production
  • stop stage

When I perform a slot swap from staging into production and view the application insights the requests are still going to stage, and "Testing in Production" from Availability and Performance tools, give the following message "Slot 'staging' received 40% of production traffic". The stage continued for 45 minutes receiving traffic even with production configured 100% traffic.

but i don't know the cause.

  • I can't tell why the swap takes 45mins, try reading through docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service/… and see if anything meets your situation. It sounds like your blue/green is overengineered tho but maybe you have a reason so ignore me if you want :) Deploy to staging, then swap. Azure deals with traffic. It moves the code to prod and moves prod to staging in case of rollback. You don't need to route traffic manually. Deploy staging, test staging with secondary url, confirm its okay, swap to production (go live), have a cup of tea. Sep 15 at 14:02

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