For sure it's very hard to say there is an end to end benchmark but maybe there is some part to focus on with the goal to create some comparability between system environments.

In a previous question I consider to be related here, it was about benchmarking virtualization environments. However, given you compare such, there is missing "DevOps" use case.

So if I would come up with an answer to the question "what should we benchmark", I had an idea to focus for example on the CI/CD part and benchmark some reference process like "compile standard configuration of a popular OSS project and store it to asset repository".

The example above might be not the best idea but an illustration of what I am thinking of. An inspiration here might be also the "Acid test" where you could argument nobody will ever try to build anything similar on their website but it is a browser benchmark.

What I've found so far, is "DORA Platform: DevOps Assessment and Benchmarking" (2017, Forsgren et al.) but from what I know from this branch of research, it's less technical but more organizational benchmarking.

Maybe I'm thinking in a wrong direction, in this case please bear with me and argument in your non-opiniated answer which sources/experiences etc. let assume topics "DevOps system environments" and "technical benchmarks" can't be related in the described way.

  • Benchmarking only makes sense for a given environment, I doubt a general solution would have value in multiple environments.
    – Jesusaur
    Oct 27, 2021 at 17:07
  • @Jesusaur agreeing therefore curious about benchmarking approaches to specific contexts with more focus but clearly relatable to DevOps/GitOps performance. Oct 28, 2021 at 12:09


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