I'm building a Docker Image on Pull Requests in my GitOps setup. The images are built and pushed to Azure Registry. Often, it's only a small update in the code, and if I could reuse the layers from the previous build (pushed to Azure Registry), I could save a lot of time.

As shown in Dockerfile, yarn install could be skipped, since new changes occur in the COPY statement below it only:

FROM node:16

# create dirs and chown
RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/node-app && chown -R node:node /usr/src/node-app

WORKDIR /usr/src/node-app

COPY package.json yarn.lock tsconfig.json ./

USER node

# install node modules
RUN yarn install --pure-lockfile

# ensure ownership
COPY --chown=node:node . .

# set default env
RUN mv .env.example .env


# entrypoint is node
# see https://github.com/nodejs/docker-node/blob/main/docker-entrypoint.sh

# default command: prod start
CMD ["yarn", "start"]

How can I download the previous image from Azure Registry and use the layers there? Simply downloading the previous image (with different tag) does not seem to work.

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