I created a Service Account in the Google Cloud console to let Codeship push Docker images to Google Container Registry, but when I test it with jet steps --push it says I don't have permissions.

{StepFinished=step_name:"push_app" type:STEP_FINISHED_TYPE_ERROR}                                                                                                                 
Image Push error for image gcr.io/my-project/my-app:1499432530, denied: Unable to access the repository; please check that you have permission to access it

The service account already has full owner permissions to my account. Is there anything I need to check in the Google console or my Codeship configuration?


The service account needs permissions to the storage segment where the containers will be pushed. To fix this

  • Log in to the Google Cloud Platform console
  • Go to the Storage section
  • Tick the corresponding storage segment and click Show information panel button in the top-right corner.
  • Add the storage object administration permission to your service account.

You can then retry locally with jet steps --push.

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