Environment: Parent-child pipeline branch off of main.

Branch: testBranch

Expected functioning config name: .scan.yml:refs/testBranch@url/scanPipeline

Working config name (this uses the default master/main branch): .scan.yml@url/scanPipeline

The error we receive is: Pipeline cannot be run. Missing CI config file

The project referencing the parent child pipeline repository is in the same group so as its understood, its not a permission issue.

When we spoke to gitlab support they informed us that we should just be using a pipeline trigger despite their documentation saying we can use a refname.

Trying to just make sense of what may not be understood or try and find a different way to debug this issue to get a new string to pull on.


To Add to this, I have noticed that the missing CI config file normally surfaces when the supplied file type is not .yml

If you provide the name for a file that isn't present you get a "file not found" error from gitlab.

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