I'm playing around with a personal GitLab account to get familiar with its' ins and outs. First, I followed this primer on setting ssh keys and added public and private ED25519 keys to ~\.ssh. I added the public key to my GitLab account. Then, using the glab CLI I was able to set up a repository which I could push to and pull from using git.

Unfortunately, git still prompts me for my SSH passphrase every time I try to push to the repo. I tried the following:

The known host entries didn't have any noticeable effect on this behavior. Verifying I could connect threw the following error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname https://gitlab.com/my_username

Why is git asking me to provide my passphrase every time I push and how can I fix this once and for all?

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You can try adding your passphrase to the keychain using ssh-add -K, this will ask you the passphrase for the first time and later on it won't ask.


Passphrase is defined by the way you created your private key. When creating a key pair you need to opt for no passphrase on the private key - this should solve your issue.

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