1. cloning this repo
  2. run make build (getting as output s3plugin.so)
  3. run make install
  4. make the appropriate changes in both /data/ipfs/config
"Datastore": {
    "BloomFilterSize": 0,
    "GCPeriod": "1h",
    "HashOnRead": false,
    "Spec": {
      "mounts": [
         "child": {
           "type": "s3ds",
           "region": "us-east-1",
           "bucket": "ipfs-test2-node",
           "accessKey": "******",
           "secretKey": "******"
        "mountpoint": "/blocks",
        "prefix": "s3.datastore",
        "type": "measure"
          "child": {
            "compression": "none",
            "path": "datastore",
            "type": "levelds"

and /data/ipfs/datastore_spec,


I restarted ipfs sudo systemctl restart ipfs

and then while checking that didn't have errors

systemctl status ipfs

then got

Error: error loading plugins: loading plugin /data/ipfs/plugins/go-ds-s3.so: not built with cgo support


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After raising an issue in the GitHub of go-ds-s3 plugin, got to know from Stebalien that

Ah, I see. At the moment, plugins only work on 64bit Linux for the pre-built binaries (because they're built on 64bit linux and building go-ipfs with CGO support for foreign architectures is tricky). For now, you'll have to build go-ipfs from source or use the 64bit version (or use the go-ipfs docker container).

I've filed an issue to support this in our build system (ipfs/distributions#546).

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