What is the most reliable way to route traffic from abc.com to xyz.com/abc? How does the server at xyz.com know for sure how to route the traffic to the /abc path?

I understand that it might be a lot easier to route traffic from abc.com to abc.xyz.com, but looking to do something potentially more dynamic here.

  • What technology are you asking about? nginx? apache2? Jan 5, 2022 at 8:49
  • I guess I meant what information does it use to do it? what is the most reliable piece of information or technique regardless of aoache vs nginx? Jan 5, 2022 at 17:48

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You are looking for a reverse proxy. Lots of loadbalancer type software has this functionality. Nginx and apache are very popular ones.


I'm not sure if it's the best option, but I would do as you described, first routing abc.com to abc.xyz.com via DNS records, and then letting the webserver, through a virtual host (at least that's how Apache calls it), take care of the redirection from abc.xyz.com to xyz.com/abc.

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