So I was tasked to automate the build/deployment process for our projects and since the project stucure is rather unique, I would like to ask if an automation is even possible in my case.

The project stucture is as followed: Solution "CompanyJobs" contains multiple projects "ContactJobs" and "AddressJobs". Within these projects, we have single class jobs called "ContactJobA.cs" "ContactJobB.cs"....

Atm when we deploy, we comment or uncomment the job we want in the app.config file and then deploy the dll of either "ContactJobs" or "AddressJobs".

Now my question, is there any way that this can be automated? That somehow Jenkins can see which job is uncommented and only deploys the corresponding dll to different locations depending on the job?

To complicate it even further and assuming that the aforemtioned is possible, would it then also be possible to deploy to different locations based on to which branch in Gitlab has been pushed?

Pleas no comments about how the project structure is, it's been like this before I started.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.


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