While trying to get a clear picture how to setup a seamless CasC (Configuration as Code) build and deployment plan management, I have to admit that I get quite puzzled.

Is the following (subjective) ideal scenario possible?

  • Users can manage their plans as code or via UI as YAML
  • Plan changes in UI result in a commit to the CasC code base (YAML as well)

In the meantime, my impressions are that just pieces of that are possible but no integraton setup yet:

  1. Admins can manually export (and import?) plan configurations as YAML via UI
  2. Bamboo Specs allow Java language coding of plans.

Looks like #1 is too limited (possibly usage of REST API could change that? But still you'd need admin rights) and #2 will be overdesigned for most cases.

Anybody has a solution for the (subjective) ideal scenario?


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This slide share gives an idea how to handle CasC in Bamboo.

The presenter advocates to use yaml, but according to him there are also downsides.

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