When I run terraform I get,

openstack_compute_floatingip_v2.sandbox: Creating...
│ Error: Error creating openstack_compute_floatingip_v2: Resource not found
│   with openstack_compute_floatingip_v2.sandbox,
│   on main.tf line 31, in resource "openstack_compute_floatingip_v2" "sandbox":
│   31: resource "openstack_compute_floatingip_v2" "sandbox" {

But it does seem that there is a openstack_compute_floatingip_v2 resource. This seems to be the line triggering the error,

resource "openstack_compute_floatingip_v2" "sandbox" {
        pool = "public"

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All I had to do to resolve this was migrate to using openstack_networking_floatingip_v2 instead of the deprecated openstack_compute_floatingip_v2. This requires an explicit association with openstack_compute_floatingip_associate_v2.

resource "openstack_networking_floatingip_v2" "myip" {
        pool = "pool_name"

resource "openstack_compute_floatingip_associate_v2" "bridge" {
        floating_ip = "${openstack_networking_floatingip_v2.myip.address}"
        instance_id = "${openstack_compute_instance_v2.test-server.id}"

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