There is something (still not exactly sure because of the documentation) that allows DNS internal resolution in OpenStack through an extension. I'm wondering if any of these do that deed (from the output of extension list)

  • os-floating-ip-dns - Floating IP DNS support.
  • dns-integration - Provides integration with DNS.
  • dns-domain-ports - Allows the DNS domain to be specified for a network port.

These are all very interesting to me. Is there anyway to find more information about what these do than the 4 or 5 vague words their described with with extension list?

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From what I can see

  • os-floating-ip-dns - Floating IP DNS support. This seems to be limited to integrating floating IP DNS with external DNS services. Not a DNS inside Openstack.
  • dns or dns_domain_ports : Allows you to add a FQDN to a port in Openstack. Then, if it's an internal network, the dnsmasq instance (that acts as DHCP and DNS) will be able to resolve the zone and the associated hostname.

dns_domain_ports seems to be the new plugin name for Queens and up. Change in config

There doesn't seem to be any configuration for dns-integration. It's either dns or dns_domain_ports


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