I'm setting my hostname using a cloud-init file which has this,

hostname: "${hostname}"
fqdn: "${fqdn}"

This sets the hostname and fqdn to the results of the DHCP setting on a port,

data "template_file" "user_data" {
  template = templatefile(
      hostname = openstack_networking_port_v2.port_company.dns_assignment[0].hostname
      fqdn     = openstack_networking_port_v2.port_company.dns_assignment[0].fqdn

The problem here is that while this works the first time, the second time it ends up doing this,

Changes to Outputs:
  ~ fqdn         = "host-10-2-68-89.openstack.build." -> "test-server.openstack.build."
  ~ hostname     = "host-10-2-68-89" -> "test-server"
  ~ instance_ips = "" -> (known after apply)

How can I properly set my hostname with cloud-init using Terraform?


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