I'm trying to use "Cloud Armor".

However when trying to create some config (I believe it was the security police) in the console I get an error of:

Operation type [insert] failed with message "Quota 'SECURITY_POLICIES' exceeded. Limit: 0.0 globally."

When I try to increase the quota:

Based on your service usage history, you are not eligible for quota increase at this time. Please make use of the current available quota, and if additional resources are needed, please contact our Sales Team (https://cloud.google.com/contact/) to discuss further options for higher quota eligibility.

Upon doing a request for a quota increase I got an email back stating:

Dear Developer,

We have reviewed your request for additional quota. Unfortunately we cannot grant your request.

While evaluating quota requests, we consider several factors, including resources that most legitimate customers use, a customer’s previous usage and history with Google Cloud Platform. In addition to this, we may deny a request for additional quota when there are outstanding issues with a billing account for billing quota or paid services related quota requests.

So now what do I do? Any ideas? Why is using this so restrictive while cloudflare is much less trouble to setup...

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Asking for a quota increase is asking for a credit line increase. Google has declined your request to use the Cloud Armor resource.

There are several options:

  1. Wait until you have some payment history.
  2. Prepay your account.
  3. Use a different payment instrument that has credit available.
  4. Contact Google Cloud sales and establish an account relationship.

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